Why the Red Centre Way?

Australia is a big, big place, and when you hear of people going there, it’s usually to places like Melbourne or Sydney (both of which we haven’t actually visited). So why did we choose to visit the Northern Territory of all places?

Earlier on in 2016, we began considering doing a road trip in Australia. Brandon’s friend had returned from a road trip down the Great Ocean Road, which we considered, but then we decided to do more research to see what else Australia had to offer… because we wanted to do something a little different.

I remember Google turning up this particular page. The Great Ocean Road was, unsurprisingly, the first result. Cliffs, blue seas, waterfalls, it’s no wonder it’s such a popular destination. But then we scrolled down to number two, The Red Centre Way, which listed the famous Uluru (also known as Ayers Rock).

Uluru. Credit: Brandon Boen


After some deliberation, we excitedly settled on The Red Centre. Was it different? Of course, because we didn’t know anyone in our circles who had done it! Telling people was sometimes met with surprise and bemusement – why are you going to the desert? What’s there to do? Are you going to be abducted by a UFO?

Later, we would find that we did not regret visiting the heart of Australia one bit. Watch this space!


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